The Motivity Podcast with Danielle

#Partnership #SupplyChain #Eplus #Cloud #Cisco. How to buy Cisco Technology.

Episode Summary

What are the qualities that make up a successful technology reseller? How can you tell if they're right for your business needs and ambitions, David Silverstein from Eplius stresses in this advice column. A decade's worth of experience! He says listeners should listen closely as he reveals what characteristics indicate someone with long-term commitment - plus insight on how best to approach these partnerships from both perspectives: client-side (demand) vs provider side (supply).

Episode Notes

Which Cisco technology reseller is right for you? Pick the one with a decade of experience! Listen to advice about how to adopt and pursue transformative ambitions.

Empowering organizations to do more with technology, ePlus creates customized roadmaps that are sure not only to get your organization on the cutting edge of innovation but also to help you make sense of it all once there. From planning and implementation through service management for hybrid or public cloud services - we're always at hand when an IT decision needs some advice about how best to move forward!

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